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We cultivate a better world by growing rice.

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Our goals

Increase agricultural productivity

The SRI (System of Rice Optimization) method is an innovative production system that allows more than 30% increase harvest, naturally and without chemical fertilizers.

Preserve Natural Resources

Rice feeds a third of the world’s population, but requires a third of all water on Earth. With the RSI method we can reduce the amount of water to grow rice.

Surplus food distribution

Excess food enables the development of national and international trade, increasing welfare in rural areas, which can engage non-agricultural activities.

Collaborate with local populations

We use native seeds. Farmers, once learned the process, will continue to produce their variety of choice year after year.

Provide resources to women

Women manage the household economy. So, they can create an efficient system of production, manufacturing and distribution.

Investing in research in affected areas

We perfect the system listening to farmers. This make farmers more sensitive to change, experimentation, and delinking the traditional.


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Enjoy and feed a village while playing a game. Raise your village and sell your rice to improve your crop. But this is not only about fun. While you play you'll be helping to build a better world. The rice that you cultivate is really growing in the fields of Sierra Leone, feeding families and developing rural areas.

Have a Rice Day

For a healthy and sustainable system of production. Using the method SRI (System of Intensive Rice) allows, in a natural way without using chemicals, increase crop 30% using 40% less water than traditional methods. Spread the word while protecting people and the environment. Share our project and make a change.

Help End Hunger in Africa.

If we eradicate hunger and desnutrución in Africa, no child would suffer stunted growth.

Fare il bene e farlo bene.

L’ENGIM opera in Europa e nei PVS ponendo particolare attenzione sull’importanza dell’educazione, dello sviluppo delle abilità e sulla generazione di nuove idee, intese come strumenti chiavi per lo sviluppo umano, la crescita economica e la produttività.